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50 years

For 50 years we have worked to recover the illusion of children to come to school, the joy of families and the satisfaction of our teachers. We are celebrating our anniversary and we want to celebrate with you.

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ACM 3.0

One more step in Educational Innovation and Quality Improvement. Digital educational content and iPads devices as work tools.

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Lema: Nuestra casa es el mundo

Motto 2016/2017

For this course 2016-17 we have chosen the motto “Our house is the world” and the “Friends in the Lord” sub-theme. Both of us want to bring the truth that we are all brothers and we are united, not from the uniformity, but on the contrary, from the diversity and plurality that enriches us. We are all Church, each with its particularities; And we all contribute what characterizes us to make the world a more habitable home.

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Human team: our greatest wealth

Just Javier Muñoz Moñino
Sergio Ruiz

Professional Training Coordinator

Mª del Pilar de Sotto

IPad Project Coordinator

We need people who can change the structures of the world.

Gregorio Casado

Innovation, Orientation and Training Coordinator

A school where students are at the center of their project. The Challenge: Customizing Education


  • I love team work…. Teachers worry about us and how we do not feel.

    Alumna 1º ESO
    Elementary proficiency
  • What I like most about this school is the closeness of the professors, the communication with the families and the values that they instill in our children.

    Madre de alumno 1º ESO
    Madre de una estudiante de 1º de la ESO


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