The Society of Jesus, as it has gathered in its Character Character of its Educational Centers wants to enhance its Ignatian pedagogical model. In this model, the activities for children have a very important role in the integral training of the personnel.

It has been shown that practicing an appropriately conducted out-of-school activity is an ideal method for education in fundamental values in personality formation (self-improvement, commitment, commitment, tolerance, teamwork, etc.) Be subject to success or failure at school. In addition, it has also been shown that school failure can be reduced through sports practice thanks to the psychological benefits it brings (concentration, confidence, self control, constancy, relaxation, etc.).

Another way to train our students is through corporal and artistic expression activities. The monitors of cultural activities are former students and teachers. The current offer is:

  • Piano: Also of weekly character offered to all the members of the educative community. Classes will be individual.
  • Theater: Workshop for the students of E. S. O., Baccalaureate and Formative Cycles.
  • Departures to museums: Saturday morning, we went out to know our city.
  • Inventors Workshop: Aimed at those students who have a concern for the world of electronics.
  • Dance: Activity directed to students of the US.


As the ages of our students is very varied, for all those who are adults, we give them the opportunity to participate in activities for children with a volunteer program. These students participate as part of the activity program aimed at their younger peers.

An example is the “San Francisco Javier” Summer Colonies. They are carried out in the house-lodge of the Company of Jesus in the Navas del Marqués (Ávila) 15 days in the month of August, for students of the ESO. It is an activity encompassed within the activities of the Local Apostolic Council of Ventilla. It also counts on the presence of 2nd year students of Bachillerato, Professional Training and Alumni in the work of educators, accompanied, guided and formed by coordinators and monitors titled.

All sports activities are weekly with daily training and official competition on Saturdays both outside and inside the Center. Most coaches are former students, senior team members or school personnel, in order to convey our values.

The offer is open and free, requiring athletes to fulfill a commitment to participate and acceptance of the rules established in each sport.

The disciplines we offer are:

  • Basketball: All categories from child to senior, both male and female.
  • Handball: We only offer men from cadet to senior.
  • Futsal: All categories, male and female in categories for children, cadet, youth and senior.