A Digital Space and Transformer in the Classroom of Basic Professional Training

The students of 1º FPB of Padre Piquer, have participated in the creation of FAB-LAB thanks to a program of the Orange Foundation.
Our Garage-Lab, aims to develop, through the Fab Lab environment and the movement maker, a proposal for students that transforms their teaching, learning and personal growth process, and not only with the equipment (3D Printer, Laser Cutter and Cutter Of Vinyl), but with a methodology that seeks to promote learning in a different and meaningful way, and also seeks to reduce school absenteeism of young people who study these studies.

In the first phase of the program, the students themselves have participated in the transformation of a standard classroom, into a “maker” space that accommodates the manufacturing machines, as well as the necessary computer equipment and the appropriate furniture to favor cooperative work.

This is the result.

Touring the Roman Hispania by electric car.

This is the name of the project in which the students of 1st Basic Vocational Training have worked within the GarageLab program.

We have developed, through the technique of Design Thinking, a transversal project, which involves several of the common modules that are taught in FPB, both in electricity and in administrative services (Applied Sciences, Communication and Society, Occupational Hazard Prevention) , As well as other modules specific to each professional family.

One of the objectives has been to meet the need of young people to know the Roman origins of the Iberian Peninsula and electronic and administrative techniques that apply in their specialty.

Working groups of four mixed students (electricity and administration) were formed and structured into different tasks.