Padre Piquer is a center with students from more than 35 different nationalities, languages ​​and cultures, mostly from a lower middle class social context. These peculiarities force us to work with a pedagogical model based on individualized attention that improves school performance, reduces absenteeism and school failure, but do not forget the personal and social success of students.

The key elements of our project are defined by an inclusive education where all students can reach where their abilities allow. For this and mainly in secondary, the cooperative learning and the possibility of accomplishing different tasks in parallel form in the classroom impregnate all our pedagogical proposal. It is a place of learning for life that goes beyond the subjects and exams. In addition, the academic results are above the average of centers with similar contexts, as well as the decrease in school absenteeism, which confirms the relevance of an approach in line with the educational and social reality of the neighborhood.

Another key aspect is that we are an Evangelizing Center of the Society of Jesus and we base our educational actions in the pedagogy of S. Igancio de Loloya, but always from dialogue, tolerance and respect for others. We want to be a reference for the students, families, companies and institutions for our educational ideology and our Christian ethics.

In order to achieve all this, it is essential that our professionals receive continuous and updated training and work hard to serve in a committed and responsible way.

Our center has been recognized as a Changemaker School by the Ashoka International Network for its commitment to educating children and young people as active agents of change and with skills and willingness to improve the world. He was also distinguished with the Prize for Research and Education of the Magazine Expansion to Educational Innovation, in 2011.


diversas nacionalidades


  • Provide our students with a Christian, cultural, scientific, technical and professional quality training, in order to meet social demands.
  • To offer educational opportunities to all students for their insertion in social, cultural and economic life in an active and committed way.
  • We have human and material resources in constant updating.
  • We direct our actions towards the magis Ignatian, and we manage our processes with criteria of quality


  • To be recognized as an Evangelizing Center of the Society of Jesus, in which the global growth of people is fully promoted, from a Christian view of the world.
  • To be a reference for students, families, companies and institutions, for its Ideology and Educational Characteristics in the formation of conscious, competent and compassionate people.


  • The center will be an Evangelizer: insofar as the Christian ethic is acted upon, it will live in solidarity with the most disadvantaged and foster fraternity among the peoples.
  • We will live a coherent humanism: if we practice dialogue, tolerance and respect for others. And we are sensitive to all forms of dehumanization.
  • Our professionalism will grow and mature: if we strive in our work to serve in a committed and responsible way.
  • And we are looking for the magis (excellence) with a permanent and updated formation.