Who we are and what we do?

Two teachers of therapeutic pedagogy: María Zubizarreta and María Fernández

They attend integration students by giving them support classes. They also take care of other students who are not integrated but who need help not to lose their way.

Four advisers: Paloma Arias, César Asensio, Mª Cruces Valencia and Pedro Mendoza, SJ.

  • They advise the team of tutors in the development of the Human Training Plan.
  • They evaluate the psychopedagogical and social needs of the students and advise the educational team to propose measures to solve them.
  • They develop the Information Plan and Professional Academic Orientation to help the students to design their professional project.
  • They serve students and families who have personal problems to accompany and advise them.

A social worker: Mayte Morán

It serves students and families with social difficulties, maintains contact with neighborhood institutions that can help families and manage financial subsidies in case of need. It also develops a social risk prevention plan that the tutors work in the time of tutoring.

Working hours: Tuesday and Friday. 9:00 to 11:00

Phone for other schedules: 91315 39 47

How can we help?

  • Guidance on further studies.
  • Orientation on activities for the afternoons (of leisure and formative).
  • Personal guidance (if you need help we help you find it).
  • Support for areas where you can not move because you have learning difficulties.
  • Advice on resources of the area that you can use.
  • Psychopedagogical Assessment of Your Learning Difficulties

Ongoing projects

  • Work in tutorials: we accompany the tutors of the school of all stages in the design and development of the tutorial action plans. In concrete we work with them the following blocks of content:
    • The group: days of welcome, coexistence of principle of course, election of delegates, rules of coexistence, communication and group cohesion, conflict resolution.
    • Prevention of social risk: emotional education, self-esteem, sexual affective education, prevention of drug use.
    • Learning from failures: preparation and analysis of the results of different assessments, planning of academic and personal goals, improvement of learning strategies, techniques of intellectual work, management of anxiety.
    • Professional orientation: professional academic information, interests and vocational values, life project, decision making.
  • Family School: Once a month we meet with the families of the school trying to be a space for formation and joint reflection that accompany us in the exciting task of being educators.
  • Center for family care: in collaboration with the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, we offer the families of the center a free care space: family educational counseling, legal counseling, family and school mediation, family therapy, individual therapy , Training of tutors and teachers, anxiety prevention workshops and social skills workshops.

Contact us

Generally through the tutor you can contact with us although you can always come in the recesses to request an appointment. We are in the dining room building, on the top floor. Families can also do so through the tutor or directly by calling the school’s telephone number.