School sponsorship is a proposal that arises from the pastoral area of ​​the school, which pretends that students with more difficulties are not left without access to school support due to lack of resources.

In this activity, students of 1st year of Bachillerato and of Vocational Training offer their time and their knowledge to tutor and help, both academically and personally, students who, for any reason, are going through times that make difficult the achievement Of the course in 1º or 2º of the ESO.

Thus, we try to foster cooperation and solidarity among students, in turn boosting the sense of service that must accompany all learning, and this has a positive impact on the entire educational community (teachers, families …) but especially on our students .

As a major benefit, on the one hand, Bachillerato students improve their academic performance by giving practical use to what they learn and increase their self-esteem by feeling useful. And, on the other hand, ESO students in difficulties receive extra support that allows them to better achieve the course, while growing up humanly to meet older students who give them their time and knowledge without asking for anything in return.

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