As part of the Professionals for Europe program whose objective is to promote the European dimension in students of Vocational Training, the center offers the possibility of carrying out Training in Work Centers in countries of the European Union.
The Training in Work Center (FCT) is a compulsory training period for all students of the last course of Cycles Formativos.Durante approximately three months students do unpaid work practices in which put into practice what learned in companies in the sector With his studies.
From Padre Piquer we want to give added value to these practices, offering the possibility of being carried out in a country of the European Union. Since 2007, our students have participated in this experience. Most of the internships have been in the United Kingdom, but there have also been students in the Czech Republic, France, Portugal and Ireland. We work with different types of companies from multinationals like American Express to NGOs that work for the technological development of impoverished countries like Computer Aid International.
The experience of the boys and girls who have participated and are participating in the activity is very positive, both personally and improving their curriculum when entering the world of work. It is not even strange that they want to continue the experience by staying well to work, or to continue studies there.
How is it financed? Here you can get the information.